Construction / Cold Recycling

Reconstruction of existing roadbeds with cold processing bottom-up method

The bottom-up method of roadbed construction with cold processing applied worldwide in road construction practice is suggesting modern solutions for effective and economy reconstruction of road network. Aiming for the stated viewpoint Chanaparh LLC was the first to introduce the cold recycling bottom-up method in Armenia, procuring CAT RM 500 rotary mixer and the appropriate machinery. It was written about in the well-known WORLD HIGHWAYS magazine for 2010.

The quality effectiveness to apply this method became obvious from the very first day of using CAT RM 500 rotary mixer, which reconstructed the destroyed and impassable old road-bed of Aramus village making it a solid and quality road in a comparative short time and with saving funds.

CAT RM 500 rotary mixer is fully reconstructing a road-bed of 50 cm depth with one go, recycling the materials of the previous road-bed (asphalt-concrete, gravel, crushed stone). In fact the raw material is already paid for.

By grinding and crushing the elastic section of the road-bed equally and mixing it with water and bonding agents (bitumen emulsion, cement) it is providing the road-bed with mutual, homogenously bonded layers. The reconstructed road is getting not only а stable and high quality road-bed having equal thickness but also one having remodeled, correct profile providing water drainage.

Thus, using the cold recycling method of road-bed reconstruction, we provide the following;

  • Strong road-bed with quality, homogenous and mutually bonded layers
  • Structural wholeness of the road-bed
  • Low labor costs as compared with the traditional  methods
  • Time saving
  • Lack of environmental pollution